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Wall Cleaning.

Walls are exposed to all sorts of dirt from external dust and grime to internal walls suffering from furniture moves to steam build up. Whilst these things are inevitable, walls are arguably the first thing your customers and visitors to your business sees, so keeping walls looking bright and clean is essential. Symclean offers professional cleaning services for both internal wall upkeep and external restoration.


Walls are often things can be neglected in daily and routine cleaning. Ensuring your internal walls in your business premises is essential. From office walls collecting dust behind electronics to kitchen walls suffering from a build up of grease. Our internal wall cleaning leaves every inch sparkling, reaching up to high ceilings, cleaning behind electronics and large wall attachments and offering additional cleaning to HVAC appliances.


Our external professional cleaning removes dirt, stains and grime from your walls. Exterior walls often suffer from the build up of multiple layers of unavoidable diet. When these walls are unmaintained and neglected, the surface will discolour and risks further, higher risk damage.

Our Symclean experts can transform your walls by clearing moss, removing dirt, erasing graffiti, treating mould and general weather and wear and tear. We work with all wall surface types including

  • Render
  • Cladding
  • Brickwork
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Combination
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