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SymClean Industrial Appoints Operations Manager

SymClean Industrial is thrilled to announce the appointment of Liz Staight as Operations Manager for our Eastern division. As Operations Manager, Liz, will play a crucial role in ensuring effective and thriving operations in our eastern division. 

From overseeing day-to-day activities to implementing strategic changes, her responsibilities will encompass a wide range of tasks aimed at enhancing overall efficiency, and customer experience & satisfaction. Read more about Liz and her plans at SymClean Industrial in this blog.

The role of operations manager is essential in ensuring the smooth functioning of our operations. SymClean Industrial is an industrial and commercial cleaning provider, servicing the entire United Kingdom. In 2023, we acquired StuLee Cleaning Specialists, enabling us to continue on our growth plan and grow larger nationally. The appointment of Liz strengthens our Eastern team and will enable us to continue to nurture an already strong team.

Liz Staight Joins SymClean Industrial as Operations Manager for the Eastern Division 

Liz Staight Joins SymClean Industrial as Operations Manager for the Eastern Division 

Operations ManagerLiz joined us this week as Operations Manager for our Eastern division and will be based in our Dereham office. As operations manager, Liz brings a strong skillset and background in Soft Facility Management, Contract Management, and Customer Services to her new role. 

Her wealth of experience, as well as her character and ambition, meant she stood out in the recruitment process. Liz has extensive expertise in all aspects of facility management, having worked for both specialised single-contract companies and nationwide multiple-contract cleaning organisations meaning she has a deep awareness of the industry. 

About Liz

Liz has been in the facility management and cleaning industry, working on impressive contracts with large companies for most of her career. She has an outstanding project management portfolio and welcomes a challenge. 

During her career, Liz has managed multiple contracts, making significant impacts on companies and their operations. Some of Liz’s key strengths are managing resources, optimising processes, and resolving any issues that may arise to ensure that the client meets goals effectively.

Liz, alongside experience, brings a wealth of qualifications and skills to her role. With multiple industry-leading credentials in areas like Health and Safety, Construction Design and Management, and IOSH Managing Safely, she ensures that safety remains a top priority in all aspects of our operations.

Her expertise in Soft Facility Management, Contract Management, and Customer Services equips her with the knowledge and capabilities to effectively improve our client processes whilst leading our operations in the Eastern area. 

What It Means for You

With Liz in charge of operations, our clients can expect a number of benefits. With her dedicated focus on customer service and satisfaction, clients can anticipate even higher levels of attention to detail. Liz’s key goal is to ensure both existing and new client’s needs are exceeded, in true SymClean style. 

Essentially, Liz drives and unites the different functions of the company, guaranteeing effectiveness, output, and ultimately, your satisfaction. 

Tanya Targett, Managing Director, commented on Liz’s appointment “We are delighted to welcome Liz to our team as the new Operations Manager for our Dereham office. Liz brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and enthusiasm that will assist us in SymClean’s growth as a nationwide commercial and industrial cleaning supplier.

Liz’s impressive qualifications and track record in Soft Facility Management and Contract Management made her the ideal candidate to lead our operations in the Eastern region. 

During the recruitment process, I was keen to find someone with the correct skillset but also shared values. Liz immediately stood out on this front, with her proven management experience and her clear people-centric approach that aligns perfectly with SymClean values.

I have confidence that both our clients and team will benefit greatly from her appointment, which will drive positive change, and innovation, and deliver outstanding results for our clients. 

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Liz as she joins the SymClean team.”

Liz added “I am so excited to be joining the team as Regional Operations Manager for the East, based in Dereham. Everyone has been so welcoming I am certain that it is not going to take long to settle in.

As SymClean’s newly appointed operations manager, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in Soft FM, Contract Management and Customer Services to the role. I have vast experience with a huge range of clients from diverse industries, which has given me a good insight into the unique requirements of different settings. This experience has taught me the true meaning of adaptability! I hope to use my skills and experience to improve operations further and effect some positive changes for both the staff and our customers”.

I am a real people person and love coaching and mentoring to bring out someone’s full potential. I thrive off helping people to grow and develop, both professionally and personally. If an employee feels valued and supported, they will enjoy their work and you get the best from them. With the right people in the right places, happy employees mean happy clients. 

You can engage with Liz and more from the SymClean team on our Social Media accounts.

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