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Specialist Cleaning.

Symclean offers bespoke specialist cleaning services to businesses in a wide variety of sectors across the UK. Many businesses make the mistake of overlooking specialist cleaning because there are already cleaning routines in place.

Specialist cleaning should be used in addition to your cleaning schedules to ensure all areas of your business are safe, clean, and meet industry requirements. Specialist cleaning entails services that may be higher risk, require additional training or uses specific equipment. 

Manufacturing Plants

Our food production cleaning services specialises in structured daily line cleaning. Symclean’s specialist cleaning services ensure an increase in hygiene and production, whilst keeping downtime to a minimum. We work with food production plants and manufacturing companies around the UK to provide cleaning solutions to work alongside your daily shift patterns and keep your organisation audit ready. We also provide emergency cleaning and can deploy mobile teams in extremely short time frames.

Food Factory Cleaning Services
Modern winery with big steel barrels


Symclean provide safe, efficient, and accredited confined space cleaning solutions. To ensure your equipment is sanitised and decontaminated, cleaning may require entering confined spaces such as SILO’s.

Structures like SILO’s are used for storing materials like flour, milk, and sugar in bulk and differ in cleaning frequencies dependent on substances stored. SILO cleaning prevents build-up of excess materials which can lead to a loss in capacity, clogging, build up of harmful bacteria and result in breakage.

Our routine cleaning prevents unnecessary downtime and expensive resolutions. Due to the risk and nature of this service, businesses require professional help from accredited outsourced cleaning specialist cleaners like Symclean that hold City & Guilds Level 3 High Risk certification.


High level cleaning services utilise mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPS) for efficiency, and reduced downtime. The use of mobile plants and vehicles, like cherry pickers, allow quicker access as opposed to scaffolding which is more expensive, time consuming and labour intensive.

Our Symclean experts are trained and qualified to use all specialist MEWPS and equipment and manage all elements of the logistics and risk assessments to get equipment on-site. 

High Level Cleaning
Modern winery with big steel barrels


Rope access is used in circumstances and locations with limited access. This service is utilised when Cherry Pickers and other MEWPS solutions cannot be utilisied. Typical examples include suspending from heights, where more flexible access is required for close up work and inspections.

Our rope access cleaning service solutions are accredited to IRATA and BS 7985-2013 (British Standard) Level 3 standards.  


SymClean are deep cleaning specialists for commercial businesses across the UK. Our services are typically used periodically and in line with your current cleaning regime. Deep cleaning should be utilised routinely and for occasions such as end of year/busy period and upcoming inspections.

Deep cleaning services consider every aspect of your premises from structures, such as walls and ceilings, to equipment sanitisation. 

sanitary deep clean after After
sanitary deep clean before Before

Businesses We help.

We recognise that businesses across a huge variety of sectors may have commercial kitchens on-site. Our professional kitchen cleaning services aren’t restricted to restaurants.

Some of our clientele for high-level kitchen cleaning are:

Education establishments such as schools and university cafeterias


Care home

Pub & Restaurant kitchens including independent outlets and high street names


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