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Silo Cleaning.

SymClean offer specialist, deep cleaning for organisations with silo tanks on-site. Over time, silos can become clogged or contaminated due to the huge volume of materials stored inside. The upkeep of silos is crucial to ensure safe and efficient use and operation of the storage units. Businesses with silos should ensure there is scheduled routine cleaning from professionals to maintain this.

Silo cleaning must be undertaken by professionals as it is a complex and dangerous process. Entering the silo tank requires specialist training, equipment and experience due to the confined space. Our SymClean team are professionally trained and experienced to perform cleaning on Silos that store all materials including:
• Grains
• Liquids
• Food
• Chemicals

Our Silo Cleaning

Our silo cleaning process can vary dependent on what is stored in the containers, the access of the silo and the hazards involved. We used specialist equipment and are highly trained in different techniques. Our SymClean team can use these methods independently or simultaneously to achieve the best result. Typically, we use the following processes:

Cleaning Process: Mechanical cleaning
This method includes using specialist tools like jet-wash, scrapers and brushes. Our cleaners use this method to physically remove build-up which can form on the floor and the walls of the silo.

Cleaning Process: Chemical cleaning
We use this technique in silos that require strong chemicals to remove tough materials. By using chemicals like acid, we can remove the build-up of contaminants. This method is typically used for silos holding materials like cement.

Cleaning Process: Pneumatic cleaning
The pneumatic cleaning method uses compressed air which removes debris and decontaminates the interior of the silo. The compressed air loosens and blows the tough, remaining materials, removing build up from the tank.

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