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Primary School Daily Cleaning Contract

SymClean supports schools, colleges and universities around the UK with hygiene management.

SymClean Industrial supports the education industry with daily, periodic and emergency cleaning services. We understand the importance of creating and upholding a safe environment for children to learn and grow. SymClean support Primary School St Albans, Blackburn with daily cleaning and hygiene management services. Find out how we help in the case study below.

Education Sector Specialist Cleaning

Ensuring a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness is paramount in the education sector. Hygiene directly impacts the health and well-being of people, and as schools welcome hundreds of students into their premises, maintaining standards is essential.

Research has proven that by ensuring a clean environment, schools can reduce illness, whilst also improving productivity and morale. Cleanliness also minimises the risk of accidents and hazards. The education sector must also meet high standards set by regulatory bodies like Ofsted.

One of our clients in the education sector is St Alban’s, a primary school in Blackburn, Lancashire. St Alban’s recognised the need to outsource their hygiene management. SymClean Industrial was contacted by the business manager for daily cleaning and hygiene management services.

Case study: St Alban’s Primary School

About St Alban’s Primary School, Blackburn

St Alban’s is a Primary School based in Blackburn, Lancashire. Situated near the town centre, the school is situated on large grounds with multiple playgrounds. St Alban’s hosts seven school years, each with 30 students. The school has also recently been renovated.

St Alban’s Primary School understood that outsourcing cleaning provides high standards and consistency. The lack of an inconsistent cleaning schedule makes maintaining a clean and hygienic environment challenging. An unhygienic environment can compromise the health and well-being of the students, affect the learning environment, and fail to meet regulatory standards.

Work Completed

 SymClean were enlisted to manage the hygiene and cleanliness of the primary school. Our team of specialists identified that the most effective choice for the school was for SymClean Industrial to complete daily cleaning of the facility.

The work begins by focusing on the sanitisation of classrooms and offices. This included the disinfection of surfaces and touchpoints, removing allergens and build-up of bacteria. The SymClean team then concentrate on the sanitisation and replenishment of the toilets, which includes disinfecting toilets, sinks, and countertops, replenishing supplies such as soap and paper towels, and emptying waste bins.

Communal areas are cleaned daily as these areas typically have high traffic and are used multifunctionally in schools (e.g., Assembly halls are also utilised for mealtimes and sports). The cleaners will focus on floors, surfaces, and furniture.

The SymClean team also focus on the hygiene of the commercial kitchen. This ensures the kitchen is correctly disinfected and ready for use the next day. The sanitation of the kitchen includes cleaning surfaces, countertops, and equipment.

SymClean also provides St Alban’s Primary School with periodic specialist cleaning services. Out of term time, SymClean visits the premises to undertake deep cleaning which allows the team to focus on specialist services such as strip & seal cleaning.


Although the SymClean team performed cleaning out of school hours, due to the nature of the service and the sector, the team needed to make and follow certain considerations which included:

Cleaning Schedule: The cleaning schedule had to be adapted to be performed outside of school hours (9:00-15:00). This way our staff avoided peak times and minimised disruption to learning.

  • Germ Control: Germ control is vital in schools, especially around young children. The SymClean team had to implement cleaning measures to effectively control and disinfect bacteria.
  • Cleaning Techniques: Some of the cleaning measures and techniques were adapted by SymClean to be suitable for the school environment. Equipment is included in the daily cleaning so different techniques and chemicals were required to ensure no damage and correct sanitisation.
  • Waste Disposal: The SymClean team had to ensure waste disposal was followed correctly and liaised with the waste management company that St Albans use.
  • Communication: The team provided regular updates and liaised often with the estate manager to discuss schedules, protocols and any changes to the cleaning service provided.
  • Training: The SymClean team who were placed at St Alban’s all had appropriate training and experience working in this environment.
  • Reporting: Daily sign-off sheets are required for the school to stay compliant. SymClean offered the school daily reporting and paperwork.

By outsourcing daily cleaning and facility management to SymClean, St Albans primary school were able to take the pressure off current staff and removed the need to recruit internally. As St Albans struggled with staffing, the recruitment process would have been costly.

Through daily and specialist cleaning, St Albans are in line with strict hygiene regulations required by the education industry. Cleanliness, health, and safety are all factors measured by inspecting boards like OFSTED and can affect an education institution’s overall score. SymClean’s daily cleaning will ensure the cleaning element of the inspection remains outstanding.

Mick Speakman, Business Manager of St Alban’s Primary School says

“We found SymClean when on the hunt for a reputable cleaning company. From the initial site survey, we knew that outsourcing to SymClean would be the best option.

Partnering with SymClean has allowed us to implement solid hygiene management, save costs, and remove pressure from other staff. SymClean is extremely professional, flexible and does a fantastic job, day in, day out. 

The team are highly skilled and adapted to the education environment immediately. Their daily sign-off sheet for reporting and paperwork has provided us with a clear and documented account of the services they deliver. It not only ensures accountability but also helps us maintain high standards and comply with regulatory requirements. With SymClean’s support, we can focus on providing a safe and healthy environment for our students and staff, knowing that our cleaning needs are in capable hands.”

Maintaining cleanliness in primary schools is crucial to maintain the productivity, health and well-being of students and staff. By ensuring a clean environment, schools can reduce the frequency of illnesses and absences, which results in an improvement in student engagement.

By creating a safe learning environment through regular cleaning, accidents and hazards are minimised. A safe learning environment is imperative to uphold standards set by regulatory bodies like Ofsted.

By investing in professional cleaning services, by SymClean Industrial, your school can show its dedication to high-quality education, compliance, health & safety and provide an optimal environment for student success. For more information about how we can support your educational institution, get in touch today.

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