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Our Quoting Process

SymClean Industrial are commercial and industrial cleaning specialists, covering the entire United Kingdom. We service many industries, specialising in food production and education. We work with a range of businesses from offices to manufacturing plants to retail to hospitality.

Here is how we price and quote our specialist cleaning services to ensure you receive the most suitable quote for your unique requirements.

Our Quoting Process

To ensure we provide you with the most suitable and accurate quote we follow a four-step process. This simple process ensures a comprehensive, competitive quote with no hidden costs.

SymClean Industrial Quoting Process

Step One: Initial Phone Call with The Potential Client

The first phase of our pricing process is an initial call. Whether you have called after a recommendation, enquired through our website, or found us online, our process always begins with this phone call.

This initial contact is an opportunity for us to gather basic information about your requirements and schedule a convenient time for a site visit.

This conversation is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions, we are always happy to help with any queries you may have.

Step Two: On Site-Survey and Visit 

The next stage is to come and visit your site(s). This on-site survey is free of charge and is arranged during our initial phone call.

This site survey is required.

SymClean requires a physical assessment of the premises. Why? Because this allows us to evaluate the current condition of the space, identify specific challenges, PPE required, or any other specialist equipment needed.

This physical assessment allows us to gain a deep understanding of your space. It also allows a member of our team to come and learn all about your business, meet your facility management team, and start to develop a relationship with you. SymClean Industrial prides itself on the personal service approach.

We understand the direct requirements

We understand which specialist skills are required

We understand your expectations

We provide an accurate quote

We understand what equipment to use

We get to know each other better

Step Three: Create a Tailored Quote for The Services You Require

Based on the findings from your on-site survey, SymClean will send a tailored quote most suitable to your requirements and goals.

The quote includes a breakdown of the cleaning services we propose to supply, the estimated time required, the cleaning supplies and equipment needed, and the overall cost.

This quote reflects the specific needs of the client and considers factors such as the size of the facility, the complexity of the cleaning tasks, and the frequency of service, etc.

Step Four: Quote accepted and the SymClean Industrial Service Begins

Once you have received and accepted our comprehensive quote, our team will be in touch to onboard you as a client of the SymClean Group.

The Onboarding Process

Our smooth onboarding process ensures that our services will begin efficiently. We hold a meeting to ensure we are ready to start the work and that your existing teams are in alignment with the imminent change to your operations. This phase also allows us to confirm your personalised cleaning plan. 

A cleaning team will be assigned to your site and undergo a rigorous site induction in line with industry-specific standards and requirements. 

You will also be assigned an account manager, a member of the senior management team at SymClean. Your account manager is your dedicated point of contact. They provide and streamline communication, answering any questions and promptly adapting to any changes required, in harmony with our cleaning team assigned to your site. 

SymClean Industrial values quality, honesty, and integrity. We are proud to service a large range of industries and businesses around the country. If you want to improve your standards, remove the pressure from existing teams and outsource your cleaning and hygiene management, get in touch.


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