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How To Increase The Lifespan of Silo Tanks

Silo Tanks are the perfect storage solution for multiple materials. Many industries, including food processing and agriculture, use this method of storage. These tanks can store a vast range of materials and can store thousands of grains of said product.

Silos typically store thousands of pounds of material, so ensuring your silo tanks are correctly maintained is vital. Are yours? This blog details how to improve the lifespan of your silos. Read below to find out more.

The Importance of Upkeeping Silos

For businesses in production and processing, silos are a vital part of operations. Ensuring that silos are running efficiently, correctly maintained, reliable and clean should be essential. However, as it goes with most equipment, issues can occur.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of Silos will increase the lifespan and can help to control issues and keep repair costs down. Issues that occur with silos can be highly complex. When issues do occur, there will most likely be a break in production, which leads to a loss in earnings. Ensuring your silos are maintained through periodic cleans and inspections will help to keep these issues at bay.

We recommend that businesses with silos should work with their supplier for servicing and quality inspections. Yearly inspections will ensure the silo itself is efficient and in good condition. Using a maintenance provider will help to identify any problematic issues and resolve them.

Silo Tank Specialist Cleaning

Leading Silo suppliers recommend that silos should be emptied and thoroughly cleaned by professionals at least twice a year. This practice will allow industrial cleaners to break down any moulds, build-ups and residues accumulated over the period between cleans. Without regular cleaning, blockages will occur. 

Blockages in Silo Tanks

When blockages occur in silos, it can become costly. Blockages will reduce the capacity of your silo and typically cause downtime as the tank will require a service. There also becomes hygiene issues as blockages can increase bacteria breeding and build up.

Blockages in silos can occur for many reasons. Factors like moisture, structure problems and ineffective maintenance will typically cause the biggest problems. There are multiple types of blockage in silos: ratholing, bridging and caking. The type of blockage will determine which cleaning method you require. 

Our specialist cleaners will determine the type of blockage. The cleaners will then devise the most effective cleaning solution to remove the blockage. Once the blockage is removed, our team will provide full information about the issue. Our team may offer the next steps and suggested changes to your Silo operations for the most effective upkeep of both the Silo and your materials. 

If you need to improve the maintenance of your Silos, look no further. SymClean Industrial services silo tanks across the United Kingdom and can offer multiple solutions to suit your needs. Find out more about our services or get in touch today.


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