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How The Fish Impact Our Business

How The Fish Impact Our Business

Do you know where the name SymClean came from? It comes from the real reason SymClean Industrial was established.

The word Sym from SymClean, was taken from the word Symbiotic, which means to work together. The ethos of SymClean revolves around this philosophy and the SymClean Group feel strongly about this.

So what about the Pilot Fish?

Have you met our fish? The fish that pilot our business, and guide everything we do.

Pilot Fish are the little yellow fish always found near a shark. Whilst this may look like an unlikely relationship, the Pilot Fish and the shark have a mutual agreement.

The yellow fish cleans the teeth of the Shark. The Shark in return, provides the fish with protection. Forming a perfectly symbiotic relationship.

The 4 Golden Rules of SymClean

1. Swim Together: Just as the Pilot Fish and the Shark swim together, we believe in true partnership and ‘swimming together’.

At SymClean believe in relationships. We work closely with our clients, ensuring that we’re always moving in the same direction. Our goal is to establish collaborative partnerships, to work in harmony like Pilot Fish and Sharks.

By actively engaging and swimming together, we deliver tailored cleaning solutions and adapt to the changing tides of our client’s requirements.

2. Proactive Protection: Much like the Shark protects the Pilot Fish, our commitment is to safeguard our clients. We take a proactive approach to identify potential hygiene issues before they escalate, addressing them promptly and effectively. By doing so, we ensure that our clients feel secure and confident in their partnership with SymClean. Our goal is to create a protective shield around your spaces, ensuring cleanliness and safety at all times.

3. Constant Cleaning Excellence:  We ensure excellence in our cleaning services, like the Pilot Fish that diligently cleans the Shark’s teeth. We believe in maintaining the highest standards in every aspect of our work.
Every task, no matter how small, is executed with precision and care. Quality and attention to detail are our top priorities, guaranteeing that our clients’ environments shine at all times.

4. Reciprocal Respect: In the symbiotic relationship between the Pilot Fish and the Shark, there is mutual respect. At SymClean, we prefer the term “partnership”, rather than “client & supplier”. Input, feedback, and communication are the most valuable to us. We believe trust and partnership is a two-way commitment. This is the foundation of SymClean’s philosophy.

These four rules embody our commitment to building and nurturing strong, symbiotic partnerships. Just as the Pilot Fish and the Shark depend on each other for their survival, our success is your success.

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