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Case Study – Frozen Food Production Factory Contract

Symclean Industrial specialise in food production cleaning services for food manufacturing plants across the UK. With years of experience and vast knowledge of the industry, we support factories of all sizes around the country. Our team are highly trained professionals, equipped with the latest and highest spec equipment and techniques. Find out how we supported a leading frozen food manufacturer with daily, postproduction cleaning in this case study below.

Food Manufacturing Specialist Cleaning

Cleanliness in food manufacturing factories is crucial. The food industry has strict guidelines and requirements that companies must adhere to. These rules protect consumers from serious issues like contamination and disease as well as protecting the workforce in these factories.

Outsourcing cleaning to professionals like SymClean assists companies in meeting standards, enhancing safety and maintaining quality. There are also cost-saving benefits to outsourcing. SymClean Industrial assist food production plants and factories across the United Kingdom. One of our clients is Greenyard UK.

Case study: Greenyard Frozen

About Greenyard 

Greenyard Frozen is a leading international food production company. The company boasts over 50 years of experience in the food industry. One of Greenyard’s main divisions focuses on frozen food.

Greenyard has two locations in the East of the UK, Boston and Kings Lynn.

These locations both focus on frozen, more specifically frozen vegetables. Both factories are state of the art, enabling a wide range of frozen vegetables to be produced on-site.

As a food producer, Greenyard is committed to producing the highest standards of food in line with strict regulations in the United Kingdom. Due to the industry and standards, such as BRC, cleaning is a vital operation in the business.

Greenyard contacted SymClean for support daily support managing hygiene and cleanliness across both sites.


Our cleaning specialists must follow strict briefs and meet thin deadlines in order to reduce downtime of the production line. When working within the food production industry, there are significant considerations when carrying out the service.

The cleaners that visit and service food manufacturing sites are all specially trained and up to date with compliance and other regulations when servicing this industry. These cleaners understand the risks, expectations and standards associated with this type of work.

Our cleaners must first consider any client-specific requirements. The team then review any local and national guidelines that the factory must adhere to. This ensures that the standards are met, keeping our clients compliant with the law. As a frozen food manufacturer, Greenyard must comply with BRC Global Standard.

SymClean specialists will then analyse the work required and equipment needed. This is typically determined around the free quotation stage. However, for daily cleaning, there may be variables that our staff must understand and work alongside. Each solution we offer and perform will be tailored to both the client and per location (if applicable). There were slight differences per location at Greenyard. The team on-site adapted to differences in each of the locations.

Due to the nature of production, our specialists must ensure the cleaning methodology is designed to eliminate all potential contamination sources. Each area of the factory will be taken into account to create a cleaning schematic. Our cleaners consider the different types of food processed in other areas that could potentially harbour contaminants.

In addition to this, SymClean specialists will choose equipment and chemicals that are best to use within a food production environment. These materials will be selected to ensure they are safe for contact with food equipment. The equipment used was also chosen to ensure no residue was left that could potentially contaminate the product.

An important factor of the work carried out considered the cleaning schedule in comparison to production time. Our cleaners had to be on-site to begin cleaning within the small downtime that Greenyard has. In this tight period, the cleaners needed to complete all the necessary hygiene and cleaning measures.

The cleaners ensure correct documentation is made. This documentation supports factories during inspections. The use of materials, chemicals, equipment, as well as procedures, must all be noted. The documentation provides a record of compliance with regulations.


Daily hygiene cleaning of the production factories allowed Greenyard to maintain a clean and hygienic environment which meet the strict food safety and hygiene regulations required for the production of frozen food products. The SymClean service meant that Greenyard Frozen’s facilities meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene required in the food manufacturing industry.

The team at Greenyard were also able to focus on and increase production. Outsourcing the cleaning and hygiene tasks to SymClean, meant Greenyard Frozen was able to focus on their core production activities. This allowed an increase in production capacity and output, without having to worry about dedicating resources to cleaning and hygiene.

Outsourcing cleaning also removed the need for Greenyard to recruit. Both recruitment and training are time-consuming and costly. By outsourcing hygiene management to SymClean industrial, Greenyard were able to avoid this. Relying on specialist food production cleaners removed the hassle and was ultimately cost-saving for the business.

Neil Winner, Operations Director at Greenyard Frozen says

‘’As a business with 50 year’s industry experience we had prided ourselves in our ability to take control and exercise all of our production cleaning needs ‘in house’. By a chance introduction through our, at the time, incumbent chemical suppliers we were introduced to Symclean as an alternative that could supply professional cleaning for the manufacturing environment moving our high standards that were already in place to ‘best in class’.

After an initial trial had delivered success and the commitment was clearly evident to provide all of the resource needed it was quickly deemed the obvious next step to enter into a contract. The service, communication, planning, and flexible approach to placing our business needs to the fore has been exemplary. The Symclean team has seamlessly weaved itself into the fabric of our culture and the relationship that has been forged is second-to-none. I am able to rest easy in the knowledge that all of our production cleaning needs are in the hands of someone so professional.’’

The daily hygiene cleaning services provided by the SymClean team has been key in maintaining the high standards of cleanliness required for Greenyard’s food manufacturing facility.

Our team’s commitment to excellence is reflected in their results, with every aspect of the cleaning process carefully monitored and documented to ensure compliance with industry regulations and customer specifications. Their focus on safety and sustainability has helped Greenyard to minimize the environmental impact of their operations, while also safeguarding the health and wellbeing of their employees and customers through high standards of hygiene and safety.

SymClean is the ideal partner for any company looking to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in their food production facilities. With our proven track record of success, commitment to excellence, and dedication to sustainability, we are a leading provider of food production facilities across the UK.

Contact us today to learn more about our food production specialist cleaning services and how we can help your company achieve its goals.

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