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Education Specialist Cleaning.

Symclean Industrial offers high-level, specialist cleaning services to education establishments across the UK. Our innovative approach to our cleaning helps schools, universities and nurseries to implement safer daily cleaning practices alongside our periodic specialist cleans. A clean space is a healthy, safe and productive space for both students and employees.

The education sector welcomes new students each year, new staff often and visitors daily. Ensuring this space is clean is vital to both a succeeding and hygienic school. Poor standards can equal poor health, that quickly spreads, as well as poor ratings from bodies like OFSTED. Our cleaning services are ideal to implement correct practices, create a outstanding standard and prepare for inspections.

We Clean

We can identify and prioritise areas that require attention, similarly we can perform full premise, deep cleaning that leaves no stone table unturned!

Specialised rooms and areas include:





Computer Rooms



Canteens and Cafeterias

Assembly Rooms, Lecture Theatres and other Large Areas


Sports halls and fitness facilities

comercial cleaning

Our specialist services can be tailored to your independent needs. We can support education establishments of any size, in line with any up-coming inspections, requirements or implemented policies. Our services always begin with a free consultation and site survey. So even if you know what you want, we can help you define exactly what you need. We have listed some of our key offerings below.

Term Time

This is a periodic cleaning service that supports the daily processes of your schools. We perform services before or after school time, ensuring no disruption to learning.


Similar to deep cleaning and sanitation, this cleaning service will make your establishment inspection ready. OFSTED consider cleanliness and hygiene in its overall school rating. Our inspection cleans provides education with a safe, clean and assessment ready, providing you and your staff with one less thing to worry about.

End of Term

When school is out, bring Symclean in for an end of term clean. This service will start the next term in an organised and productive manner, ensuring students and employees will return to a clean space.

Businesses We help.

We are equip to offer a large number of establishment types. Some of the establishments we can and have serviced are listed below.


Day Care

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

Sixth Forms



Special Education

Boarding Schools

Religious Partners (e.g. Churches, Mosques, Synagogues)

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