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Domestic Deep Clean Case Study

StuLee Cleaning Specialists, part of the SymClean Group serve Norfolk areas and surrounding Eastern areas with specialist cleaning services. We work with domestic, commercial, and industrial clients to provide cleaning solutions which meet their goals and solve any problems. In this case study, we detail a domestic deep clean project. This was a property neglected for over a decade due to mental health and personal issues. 


Home neglect is often provoked by personal issues that impact an individual and their ability to maintain a clean and hygienic living environment. These issues can range from health challenges to financial difficulties, physical limitations, or overwhelming life circumstances. 

Whilst sometimes this neglect cannot be avoided, it can create significant issues for property owners. Neglected homes often deteriorate rapidly, which can lead to structural issues, pest infestations, and aesthetic deterioration.  These issues affect the condition of the home which affects property value and marketability. 

Case study: Domestic Deep Clean

About The Client:

StuLee Cleaning Specialists, part of the SymClean group, were enlisted by our client to deep clean a property. The property had been neglected for 15 years. Unfortunately, our client had been struggling with mental health issues, and subsequently, the condition of the house had severely deteriorated. 

The time came for the client to sell their property. However, due to serious neglect over a decade, a deep clean was required for the property to be safe, hygienic and marketable.

StuLee Cleaning serves Norfolk areas and surrounding areas with specialist cleaning services. We work with domestic, commercial and industrial clients to provide cleaning solutions that meet their goals. From getting inspection prepared or house sale ready, StuLee Cleaning Specialists are here to help.

Work Completed:

The domestic deep clean project began with an on-site survey, to understand the challenges and curate a solution to make this property sale-ready. Cleaning operatives from StuLee visited the site to assess the situation. This allowed them to understand the condition of the home and the scope of work needed, highlighting any areas of concern.

“This was by far the worst I have seen in my career.” – Liz Staight, StuLee Cleaning 

Once our operatives had devised a cleaning and hygiene plan, they got to work. The work required to meet our goal (of getting the home viewing and sale ready) included:

Decluttering: The first thing necessary was to remove any items and clutter left in the home. Articles like rubbish, debris, broken items and remaining household objects were removed. 

Deep Clean: Once clutter and hazards were removed, it was time for StuLee operatives to perform a deep clean of the house. Every surface required deep attention due to the house being neglected for such a significant amount of time. This deep clean involved:

  • Sanitising hard surfaces including walls, doors, windows and ceilings to remove build-up of dirt and dust.
  • Degreasing the kitchen, which was one of the most challenging areas. The kitchen required deep sanitisation of all surfaces, appliances, cabinets, and fixtures that had accumulated dirt, grease and mould.
  • Descaling the bathroom which focused on tiles, grout, the toilet, sink, and shower.
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors.
  • Cleaning light fixtures, ceiling fans, and air vents.
  • Using specialised cleaning chemicals for targeted cleaning. The cleaning chemicals used were chosen as they penetrate deeply and effectively dissolve the toughest residues. 
Before Images

Odour Control: Years of neglect result in unpleasant odours. The deep clean managed to remove most of the odour throughout the home. Additional practices and odour-neutralising products were also enlisted to eliminate any remaining odours and improve indoor air quality.

Final Inspection: Once the cleaning process is complete, the StuLee team complete a final inspection. This is another in-depth survey to assess the results of the specialist deep clean. The assessment is conducted to ensure that all areas have been adequately cleaned and restored.


As specialist cleaners, it is crucial to consider any factors that may affect the process of a domestic deep clean, the safety of our operatives or results. 

Considerations necessary for this project included safety, sensitivity of the project, specialist skills required, use of strong chemicals, need for equipment, timelines, communication and flexibility. 

All considerations were essential to ensure that the project was completed to a high degree, within a prompt time, delivering exceptional results to meet the goals and target of the end-users (the client and estate agents). 


The StuLee team delivered a quality service and produced an outstanding result. The total project time was 45 hours, which enabled our operatives to produce results for a house ready for viewing.

The client was kept informed throughout the process, due to high communication between operatives and the client. The results meant that the client, along with the estate agents marketing the property, were very pleased. 

Liz Staight, Operations Manager of SymClean Industrial commented 

“The pictures from this domestic deep clean speak for themselves. This was by far the worst I have seen in my career. The entire property, from every surface to every nook, was cleaned and sanitised. The property is now in a suitable condition for viewing by prospective owners.

As Operations Manager, I am incredibly proud of the team that carried out this deep clean. The operatives on this project worked extremely hard, and the results are truly amazing. The customer was kept informed throughout the process and was very pleased with the results, as were the estate agents who were marketing the property for the customer.

A special thank you to the team, Shelly, Codie, Barbara & Evie.”

Find out more about our Specialist Deep Cleaning Services here. 

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