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StuLee Cleaning Specialists East Anglia.

StuLee Cleaning Specialists East Anglia joined the SymClean Group in Summer 2023, expanding our cleaning teams and providing UK wide cleaning services across a wide range of sectors. 

StuLee was founded in 2006, initially as a window cleaning business, servicing both residential and corporate clients across Norfolk.

Over the next 17 years, under the successful stewardship of Stuart Ford, the business continued to expand and developed more specialist cleaning services within education, public authority, hospitality and facilities management sectors across East Anglia.

In July 2023, StuLee joined the SymClean Group, expanding our cleaning specialists East Anglia network cleaning teams across the UK.

We are established leaders in contract cleaning across a wide range of sectors, with additional specialist services in food process hygiene, Silo cleaning and confined space cleaning services. 

Symclean Acquires Stulee Specialist Cleaning

StuLee Culture & Ethos

Have Quality & Pride – Always going above and beyond

Achieve High Level of Training – On-site and Certified

Have Honesty & Integrity

Provide Strong Leadership & Guidance

Enable Teamwork

Appreciate Our People and Yours

Understanding Expectations

Enable Challenge, Reward

Embrace Changed and Developments

Be Hands-On and Pro-active

Specialist Cleaning

About our Pilot Fish.

Do you know where the name SymClean came from?

It comes from the real reason SymClean Industrial was established.

The word Sym from SymClean, was taken from the word Symbiotic, which means to work together. The ethos of SymClean revolves around this philology and the SymClean Group feel strongly about this.

How the Fish Impact our Business

Specialist Teams Across East Anglia And The UK

Our Specialist Cleaning Teams are available across the UK. 

We work closely with our direct clients, facility management organisations, local authorities, hygiene certification specialists and product suppliers to establish collaborative partnerships.
Get in touch on 01254 839156 to see how we can support you.

Delivering quality with confidence.

In line with our ethos, we are committed to and maintaining quality in our training and accreditations including:

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

We realise the importance of supporting our local community and charities that are close to the hearts of our team.

Where we have the ability to support others we do and have great pride in supporting

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