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Collaboration with Blackburn & Darwen Youth Zone

At SymClean Industrial, our biggest value is people. People have been so important in the growth of SymClean, and they will always be at the centre of our business. Another huge aspect, naturally, is giving back to these people, and our wider community. SymClean Industrial are a proud patron of the Blackburn & Darwen Youth Zone and has just completed a successful engagement project with their young people. Find out about the collaboration in this blog. 

In the heart of Blackburn with Darwen is the Youth Zone – a sanctuary for the youth in our community. This vibrant space, located in the centre of Blackburn, is a nurturing and safe place for our younger, local community. 

About Blackburn & Darwen Youth Zone

Blackburn & Darwen Youth Zone LogoBlackburn and Darwen Youth Zone is a local community charity, situated close to SymClean Industrial HQ, dedicated to nurturing the potential of thousands of young individuals, aged 5 to 25 years old, striving to transform the opportunities available to them in our area. 

Their fantastic space embodies the ethos of “Somewhere to go, something to do, and someone to talk to.” One thing that captured us is their unique approach of collaborating with young people rather than simply acting on their behalf. Directed by the principle of ‘starting where young people are, going where young people take us,’ Youth Zone empowers young people to shape their own experiences and futures, an approach we admire at SymClean.

The Youth Zone facility is an inspiring space, filled with activities for all. From learning to physical movement to safe relaxing areas. The Youth Zone is also situated where Blackburn’s first electricity generating station once stood a century ago. Just as electricity once powered Blackburn with Darwen, the Youth Zone now powers our community through the energy and creativity of young people.

The Youth Zone operates 365 days a year, offering over 20 activities each evening. From universal services providing a safe space and engaging activities to targeted support for vulnerable youth, no need or interest is left unmet or unattended.

As you can tell, here, dreams are nurtured, talents are honed, and futures are shaped.

SymClean’s Christmas Collaboration with Blackburn & Darwen Youth Zone

As patrons of the Youth Zone, we are always looking for ways to extend our support in a meaningful and innovative way. Each year, we engage with our clients during the festive season, thanking them for their business and looking forward to another year of partnership. Then, the idea of a collaborative competition was born, aimed at harnessing the artistic talents of the young individuals who frequent the Youth Zone.

The idea was one of our Managing Director’s, Tanya Targett. Her vision was to bring together the different pillars and values of SymClean, all in one Christmas Card. 

Working with the fantastic team at Blackburn and Darwen Youth Zone, we launched a competition inviting the young people to submit either a painting/drawing or a poem for consideration to be featured on our corporate Christmas cards. 

This included a workshop, where Tanya and Gary hosted a session within the Youth Zone, getting the young people’s creative flairs flowing and prompting the first of the fantastic submissions. 

The response we received was overwhelming. We received an array of submissions, from a wide variety of the young people. It was lovely to see the entries, which each reflected the unique perspectives and creative flairs. 

“We were delighted to engage the young people of Blackburn & Darwen Youth Zone for this project,” said Tanya, Managing Director of SymClean Industrial. “It’s incredibly inspiring to witness the creativity and talent within our community, and we are honoured to provide a platform for these young individuals to showcase their work.”

“We have always been big supporters of Youth Zone, and are still amazed when we have the opportunity to visit their incredible facility.”

The competition was initially planned for two winners, one for each competition, each receiving £200 vouchers for the local shopping centre, Blackburn Mall. However, as we delved into the submissions, we found ourselves faced with a dilemma – the fantastic entries made it impossible to narrow it down to just two winners!

Ultimately, we decided to award three winners, each of whom deserves recognition for their outstanding contributions.

Freya, the winner of the Poem competition said “Thank you for giving me this brilliant opportunity, I was so excited when I saw my poem printed.

I now feel more confident to enter other competitions with my poems. I’ve used the vouchers on some new shoes, clothes and some toys for my siblings and I still have lots left!”. 

 “Thank you, SymClean for believing in my art.” Another winner commented. “With my voucher, I can buy more art supplies and keep drawing”.

Tanya added “This is what the collaboration was about. There is so much talent within our community, and managing to boost the confidence of our winners, and entrants is what we consider a job very well done!”

Melanie Thomas, on behalf of Blackburn & Darwen Youth Zone, said “Thank you to our valued patrons, SymClean, for championing creativity among our young people through your recent initiative. 

SymClean’s dedication to nurturing young talent is instrumental in supporting the next generation, and we are sincerely grateful for the opportunities you have offered our members. We look forward to continuing working together and shaping a brighter future for the young people in our community.” 

By combining the different elements of SymClean, such as our clients and community, we can achieve fantastic results. In this example, we aimed to inspire creativity whilst fostering pride and confidence within our community, empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators. 

We were also able to educate our clients on the fantastic work that Youth Zone does in our local community. As we continue our journey of making a positive impact, we are committed to nurturing partnerships and inspiring others to create an impact, uplifting, inspiring, and enriching the lives and prospects of those around us.

The Winning Entries

Collaboration with Blackburn and Darwen Youth Zone
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