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SymClean Industrial are the leading Commercial Cleaners across the UK.

Working with a wide range of sectors means we are fully experienced in understanding the differing needs of facility management teams, business owners, landlords, tenants and specialist production operatives.

From the day Tanya Targett established SymClean, the culture and ethos is to:

Have Quality & Pride – Always going above and beyond

Achieve High Level of Training – On-site and Certified

Have Honesty & Integrity

Provide Strong Leadership & Guidance

Enable Teamwork

Appreciate Our People and Yours

Understanding Expectations

Enable Challenge, Reward

Embrace Changed and Developments

Be Hands-On and Pro-active

Tanya Targett

Hygienic, safe and appealing workplaces and people

Symclean are dedicated to providing clients with hygienic, safe and appealing workplaces and people.

All our cleaning teams are employed directly by us. They are friendly, highly trained cleaners, that know their work is as important to your staff and environments as it is to us.  

Our cleaning staff will arrive on site wearing the required PPE and have the appropriate tools and cleaning equipment. Symclean staff are fully trained in health and safety and how to complete a risk assessment on your premises. They have been vetted and have passed the required ‘rights to work in the UK regulations’ and they will always have Symclean Identification on them.

We understand our cleaning team are not only representing our own brand, they are also representing your brand when in the connection with your staff and visitors. So will agree at the point of quotation, if they will be in Symclean branded clothing, your branded clothing, or a suitable alternative before the work begins.

comercial cleaning

It's not about compliance and box ticking!

Whilst it’s obvious and important we support you to maintain a clean and healthy environment, compliant with your industry, health, safety and working directive regulations, we fully appreciate and enjoy, we do the job your teams probably don’t want to have to do or should even go near! 

Delivering quality with confidence.

In line with our ethos, we are committed to and maintaining quality in our training and accreditations including:

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

We realise the importance of supporting our local community and charities that are close to the hearts of our team.

Where we have the ability to support others we do and have great pride in supporting

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